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Concrete Mixing Plant Production Management Control System
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Management control links including raw materials, mix proportion design and control, the control of the production, transportation, delivery inspection sampling. At present, many commercial concrete mixing plant manager's viewpoint of professional knowledge and quality consciousness is weak, the industry of concrete and concrete products do not have enough knowledge and understanding, equipment selection of professional configuration is not high meter is not accurate, even no any inspection, some even measured in volume ratios. For modern computer office means don't know to take the concrete production shall be regarded as the traditional, simple, general building materials, the pursuit of pure interests maximize, not enforce standards and fraud, to good, eventually lead to the quality of the concrete cannot guarantee the engineering quality accidents.
1.1 control the quality of raw materials of raw materials directly affects the quality of the concrete, into the factory strict screening and test of the materials is very important. A rate for unqualified raw materials must not enter the station site.
1.1.1 cement concrete products should be given priority to with local large rotary kiln cement have quality assurance and good reputation cement manufacturers. To strictly control the cement and replenish onr's stock three certificates complete, and according to the rules, according to the number of the re-inspection concrete setting time, soundness and strength index, in order to ensure the quality of cement.
1.1.2 weight aggregate USES the high quality of mixing concrete, the application of the sand grain size into the large particle size is used to speed up the strength of concrete, application of the unit price has increased, but the intensity of the concrete and the strength reliability is greatly increased. Therefore, under the same strength and strength reliability, can reduce the dosage of cement and admixture components, use inferior application of concrete mixed material costs often less than the cost of raw materials.
1.1.3 water mixing concrete products generally USES the drinking water, if use not drinking water should be or whether it conforms to the regulations of periodic inspection in advance. Well if accord with standard, through concrete experiment, finally can determine whether or not.
1.1.4 admixture of mineral admixture types are: fine fly ash and ground granulated slag and grinding fine day zeolite and silica fume and its compounds. In order to guarantee the effective content of admixture, should strengthen the inspection of liquid concentration of additive. Need to change the varieties of the additive, additive storage tanks and measuring instruments in the residue must be cleaned up. Currently adopted by the expansive agent for powder products, and the dosage is bigger, had better set special silos with cement, mineral admixtures, together in the same measuring total measurement. A variety of chemical admixtures are partial sampling shall be stipulated in the corresponding standards of the concrete main physical, should also with different varieties, different batches of cement and mineral admixture, verifies the adaptability.
1.2 commercial concrete mix proportion design and control is a scientific mixture ratio design of concrete production technical strength. Operators to implement the thought of for the next working procedure, mixture ratio design should consider the difficulty of the construction site, concrete production should be based on the mix proportion design of the construction unit was carefully studied, through experiments to find rules, make mix more scientific and reasonable, to ensure the construction more smoothly. Concrete is characterized by the diversity and strength series, generally according to the concrete strength grade, thickness of graded aggregate, admixture types, preliminary design several appropriate interval water cement ratio, series of experiment was carried out, the strength of compound selected different concrete strength corresponding water cement ratio, adjust the mix proportion and trial mix, trial mix after the workability of concrete mixture can be meet the requirements for the selected mixture ratio, to control concrete mixture ratio, can work in each class draw once for each concrete mix proportion of concrete mixture and concrete mixture ratio analysis experiment was carried out.
1.3 in the process of production, transportation, construction of proportion of input control technicians will stir control computer operation, of every a mixture for the first trial batch, measuring the slump of concrete mixture, and observe its adhesiveness and water retention, and assess its workability is in line with the requirements, such as do not conform to the requirements are adjusted until after by the operating personnel, technical personnel sign formal production.
1.3.1 metrology measurement is the key link, in addition to equipment, reliable and regular inspection, the operator and quality inspection personnel should strengthen the monitoring, analysis and print report, find the error exceeds or is within the scope of the permit, but stable continuous or negative is partial, timely eliminate all should find the reason.
1.3.2 stirring mixing is the key link in the whole production process, the link of any a small errors or mistakes will bring trouble subsequent working procedure. Should be clearly identified in the control room operation platform name and specifications of raw materials, operation platform, and the clear logo, facilitate the identification of workers. At the same time, strengthen the business skills training, workers get into the habit of review is self-correcting.
1.3.3 transportation reasonable equipped with vehicles, based on conditions in the field control departure time, do not needed, and to guarantee the continuous supply of concrete, ensure the construction quality of concrete, concrete has to pour water in the tank before loading, transport to maintain continuous operation of tank, ensure the workability of concrete. And depending on the temperature and the concrete performance, good control of the pump, it is strictly prohibited in the process of transportation and pumping water.
1.4 delivery inspection after the concrete to the construction site, according to the invoice confirm its breed, grade and quantity, delivery inspection should be carried out according to the rules. In order to adapt to the change of conditions, we should control the mixture slump moderate setting time, according to the condition to add retarder and measures such as secondary mineral water to add and subtract. Secondary mixing and subtract agent must be identified with range, to ensure that the admixture evenly mixed.
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