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Analysis of Automatic Control Technology in the Application of the Commercial Concrete Mixing Statio
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Automatic control principle, the application field is very wide, from the 1980 s and has been used in the production of concrete, in recent years, the domestic construction machinery manufacturers and developed a high degree of automation of the new product, the mixing of concrete quality and improve the step. The zhengzhou commodity concrete enterprise chooses the are very high degree of automation of mixing station, with excellent product quality stability, low production cost, environmental protection, etc. Concrete mixing station of computer control system used in the production of automated electronic batching, control device, it is composed of industrial control, work station, power distribution cabinets, etc. Can according to the given formula, automatic, continuous control parts materials weighing, feeding, stirring, discharging. Improved the previous way of production of concrete by the sites themselves, to reduce the noise and dust pollution.
1.1 industrial computer
Industrial computer as the flight reservation, built-in MOXA four port, serial port expansion card, into the \ 64 out of 64 light isolating switch input and steal and parallel extensions, use RS232C communication protocol, used in the production process control and production process input.
1.2 weighing device
By the dc power supply A/D converter, microprocessor, keyboard, display, serial interface, memory, photoelectric isolation control interface.
1.3 to control execution unit/process input unit
On work station, power distribution ark, industrial control and weighing batching control output signal of the transistor amplifier drive after 24 V intermediate relay, then driven by intermediate relay a variety of load, in addition, various production process signals and alarm after level conversion by industrial PC in the I / 3 board, again by software is analyzed.
1.4 work station and distribution cabinet
By air switch, contactor, thermal relay composed of high voltage control cabinet can realize various devices motor drive and short circuit protection, overload protection, an automatic thickness dynamic switch on. All sorts of function buttons, and switches, as well as various abrupt stop button, the whole of all kinds of buttons, and switches on a process simulation screen, automatic operation of various equipment and production process is controlled by industrial computer to turn a work station art process simulation screen to display the function of the equipment running status, manual operation work station can be used to debug the equipment or hand production.
On the 1.5 flight reservation
In Windows environment, using Delphi, program by production module, parameter setting, formula management, material management, customer management, vehicle management, project management, statistics management modules, such as simple operation, powerful functions.
1.6 the flight reservation (weighing batching machine)
By the main program and interrupt service routines and other subroutines, communications software adopts modular design. Show A/O conversion, data processing, control of main function by serial receiving industrial send the said quantity of all materials, such as receives the order to the beginning of the industrial control according to material, weighing ingredients according to procedures weighing ingredients, and the program process and material net weight at the same time sent to the industrial computer to realize weighing ingredients.
2 software instructions
Used by mixing station program control the production process, the program generally includes system management, production management, production statistics management project.
3 conclusion
The application of the principle of automatic control in automatic batching plant, make construction industry have the development by leaps and bounds. No matter from quality, construction speed has improved dramatically, more important is to put the Labour liberation come out.
Promoting commercial concrete is the city construction, innovation is of great benefit to the development of automatic control theory.
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