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2 sets of T10 Semi-Automatic Production Line sale to Mombasa, Kenya
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After the New Year's Day of 2015, our technicians will fly to Mombasa, Kenya to help our customers install 2 sets of T10 Semi-Automatic Production Line.
These 2 sets of T10 Semi-Automatic Production Line will installation in Kenya's biggest construction company and make more benefits for this company. After the customers contracted with local government a construction project, they started a long time market investigation for block making machine. Their original plan is to purchase plants from Europe but they did not find suitable plants for their enterprise, however after they visited Kenya's biggest cement company and found they running 3 sets of block making machine which from QGM, they know these machines is what they search for, so they contact with us and bought 2 sets of T10 Semi-Automatic Production Line immediately.
The main reason customers decided to purchase the T10 Semi-Automatic Production Line is because T-Series Productions is designed by QGM’s subsidiary-Zenith, we use Germany Siemens PLC control system and touch screen system. Siemens PLC control system is one of the most stable control system in the world, guarantee a perfect and stable operation for machine; it also has the perfect update system,amend the parameters function, automatic self-locking function, trouble-shooting-function and warn notice function; Touch screen can real-time display of the system status, high brightness of the screen with easy operation. And on the vibration technology, T-Series Productions adopts Germany frequency conversional technology, guarantee the accuracy of vibration machines; In addition, it can also control the  vibrating motor, protect the motor from damage caused by constant running; it can also save about 30% of power, saving money for our customers. 
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