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QT10 Automatic Production Line With Central Control System Gets High Praise From Tizi Ouzou Customer
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Tizi Ouzou located in the trade center of Calories Biya in northern Algeria. Tizi Ouzou is known for its olive oil, processing and brewing of fig in northern Africa, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Algeria, also a fastest growing modern city in Algeria. Rapid modern development creates unlimited business opportunities for many construction businessmen, and our client as early as more than a decade ago seize the opportunity, has become the Tizi Ouzou famous buildings block manufacturers.
"Why customer who has more than ten years experience of block making chose our QT10 Automatic Production line with central control system (with offline stacker)?"Ben, who is the manager of northern Africa area told us, "the most important factor is customer believe the automatic technologies and stability technologies of our equipment." QT10 Line has a high degree of automation, save a lot of labor cost and management cost, greatly promoted the block production efficiency. At the same time, QT10 line equip with high precision sensor devices, they also can effectively enhance the accuracy of the raw materials weighing, makes concrete blocks have higher density and intensity which will help customer’s concrete products get more popular in market.
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