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The First T15 Fully Automatic Production Line in Bahrain has Been Completed
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Recently, a piece of great news comes from QGM office in Saudi Arabia that the first T15 Fully Automatic Production Line in Bahrain has been smoothly completed, which began in 1st, 2015. For only two months, with the great cooperation from customer, it has been completed ahead of time.
The customer comes from Manama, the capital city of Bahrain. It is the largest city in Bahrain, also the center of economy, traffic, trading and culture. In this beautiful island, our customer is the largest construction company in local area, which is mainly doing government project. The company has the history of over 20 years, with the plant area over 20 thousand m2. Because this government project is a large investment, the customer was strict with the strength of the block and spent 1 year searching the best equipment all over the world. During searching, he had difficulty choosing equipment between QGM T15 and Spanish companies. The customer not only visited the QGM equipment in SA, but also visited the QGM equipment in Shandong, Guangzhou in China. After visiting, he was quite satisfied with QGM products. Finally, he determined to choose QGM T15.
In 2013, QGM acquired partial engineers and sales from OMAG, and adopted German technology and standard, combining with the Chinese reality, to build the competitive block machine--T15. OMAG company had sold a lot of equipment to the Middle East, with high reputation. In Saudi Arabia, it is common to see that most paver-making manufacturers use OMAG equipment. The first OMAG equipment in SA has been operating from 1975 to nowadays, with daily 22 working hours.The smooth operation of T15 Fully Automatic Production Line in Bahrain has played a good pushing role in QGM’s expansion of market in the Middle East.
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