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T10 Semi-automatic Production Line in Sao Paulo
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T10 Semi-automatic Production Line in Sao Paulo, Brazil has been put into production
Last week, great news came from Brazilian office that T10 Semi-automatic Production Line had been installed smoothly after one-month installation and commission. It has been put into production and has high production capacity and high strength of blocks, which quite satisfies our customer.
The customer was from Sao Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, which has over 11 million people. Sao Paulo is also the richest city in South America, like the world-famous metropolis such as Paris, New York. In this metropolis, our client is the top 3 large-sized building materials company. The client is also one of the members of authoritative Brazilian architectural association, having great influence on the local construction industry. Over decades of studying concrete technology, he publicized a book on how to make the best ratio of concrete block, which is almost owned by everyone in Brazilian block factory. He told us that His purchasing our equipment is totally because of the industrial influence and advanced block making technology. The purchasing manager in this company often reads the the product information and important news from QGM in the local magazine and QGM official website. When he saw the news that QGM acquired German ZENITH company, he immediately informed the chairman and sent a message of congratulation, inquiring about QGM T10 block machine.
Last June, the purchasing plan for block machine was made. The customer soon contacted our regional sales manager in Brazilian office. Then the purchasing manager and chief engineer paid a visit to the headquarter of QGM, Quanzhou of China. After visit, they had great confidence in the dynamic and static vibration technology of QGM, combining their decades of concrete experience. The purchasing manager told us that the block making industry in Brazil decreased the vibration frequency in order to reduce the damage to the machine and extend the using life. However, the strength of products couldn’t be guaranteed. When he saw our machine, he was quite relieved to see that QGM uses German vibration technology and famous Sweden Hardox, which has more than 3 times of using time in the same condition. With Siemens frequency conversional vibrator and frequency inverter, the using lifetime increases and maintenance cost greatly decreases while the strength of concrete products are guaranteed, which is a breakthrough in block making machine industry.
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