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Mixer of Pneumatic System Operation and Maintenance of The Maintenance of the Cylinder
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The function of the cylinder is the pressure of compressed air can be converted into mechanical energy. Under normal circumstances, the cylinder should be in place quickly with electromagnetic valve power supply on-off switch; Because of the cylinder piston movement repeatedly, is carried out on the cylinder wall and piston lubrication is very important. Usually by mist, the lubricating oil injection after atomization air flow, and with the air into the lubrication part, reach the purpose of lubrication. Work process, appear close to the cylinder of oil mist lubrication effect is good, away from the cylinder of oil mist lubrication effect is poor. This kind of situation on the cylinder of bin performance particularly evident. The solution is: in the middle of the bone bunker gas path add a oil mist. For the piston rod can apply a layer of butter in case of rust. Trouble is the cylinder gas leakage, leakage of leakage and leakage, leakage is refers to the cylinder piston component wear serious, causing the piston gas channeling, before and after impact cylinder speed, serious when switch does not reach the designated position; Leakage is refers to the piston rod and the end contact the cylinder seals badly worn and leak, caused the piston rod reply slow, even reply does not reach the designated position.
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