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QGM Show in Jidda Big5 Exhibition
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The Big5 middle east exhibition started in 1982, hold once a year. Until now, it has been held 33 times,at this time,it attracts 3000 exhibitor from more than 70 different countries and also more than 400,000 visitors. As the leading model for the middle east construction exhibition industry, QGM is sure to attend it.
The 2015’s Jidda Big5 exhibition hold in Jidda international Conference Exhibition center from march 3rd to march 12th. At this exhibition, 7 sales managers from our company attended the exhibition. During the exhibition, hundreds of visitors came to our booth. Most visitors are local people in Jidda, the others are from other parts in Saudi Arabia. From the exhibition, we knew that many customers had done the construction business for many years, and their machines are too old to work. So they need to replace their old machine with new one and increase the quantity of their production. They are very interested in the specific configuration for our company’s products and the sales status in the local market. Thanks to decades of “Zero after-sales failure” reputation for Germany Zenith company at the local market, QGM gets a quicker recognition by customer for all kinds of our products. Our regional sales manager declared that with several years’ hard work , QGM has a great development in Saudi Arabia market. From the sample market management to the establishment of a perfect after sale service system, from the small and medium-sized company customer group to Saudi large equipment supplier for construction program, from being unknown to being famous, it witnesses not only the development of QGM in Saudi Arabia market, but also the struggle process for Chinese construction company in that beautiful land.
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