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QGM Germany Zenith Model 940 Free Pallet Block Making Machine Has Been Completed and in Service in A
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On May 7TH, 2015, QGM Germany Zenith Model 940 free Pallet Block Making Machine has been completed and gone into service in Anhui Province.
This customer has purchased 2 sets of T15 fully automatic concrete block making machine at the start of 2014. During the installation for T15, they got the news that QGM had purchased Germany Zenith recently, and they praised for QGM’s working. This customer has been interested in this kind of free pallet block making machine long time ago, and also wants to expand the production, so they ask us about the technical and capacity information for this Germany Zenith free pallet block making machine, and after communication and negotiation with us, they decide to purchase Zenith 940 free pallet block making machine from QGM.
Zenith 940 free pallet machine can produce almost all kinds of hollow block, paver block, curb stone, transportation and waterworks concrete product with the big capacity, and also can produce a lot of different kinds of non-standard product, even the special product which single pallet equipment can’t make. Model 940 can produce large-scale high quality concrete product with the best economic way, it can make LEGO block with Length1.24m, and Width 1m. Zenith is famous of their quality and safety, the lowest fault rate, almost free maintenance, saving working time, and high efficiency. Model 940 only need one Germany engineer for installation and testing.
May 7th 2015, Zenith 940 free pallet block making machine started the first testing produce, and customer is satisfied with the block produced very much, but Germany engineer think this machine could make block with more beautiful and higher quality, so now the equipment still under debugging, and our equipment Zenith 940 and our service by engineer are high recognized by our customer.
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