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Analytical Processing Cement Silo Leg Height Unreasonable How to Solve the Problem
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The leg height of the cement silo is commonly by the technical staff, according to the cement silo and batching machine, the position of the between hosts, and calculate the length of the screw conveyor and so on. General manufacturers make cement silo leg height is 1.5 meters, can also according to user needs to adjust, but no matter how to adjust the cement silo leg must exist. Generally when users to buy cement warehouse, we will consult with the customers, according to the user's usage and technical staff years of experience, to give customers the most suitable Suggestions.
In practice, some customers may not listen to the opinions of the factory, in order to save cost, can reduce the height of the leg, the results found that when using because of leg, makes the discharge outlet is apart from very close to the ground, screw conveyor in the slope transport bulk materials is too big, can not achieve the desired effect, will bring a lot of trouble. In some cases, the cement silo leg is higher than normal, this is generally not recommended manufacturer, because, cement silo leg is too high there will be a lot of aspects, the first is the security hidden danger, leg play the role of supporting the whole cement warehouse, is too high, can reduce safety coefficient and inspection, cleaning and maintenance aspects will have trouble.
In the case of above, due to mechanical technicians to make the corresponding remedial measures: first, in the case of leg is too short, Suggestions on the original foundation, according to the cement silo leg height, height and the actual need, building cement leg, and then welding cement warehouse, so you can make up cement silo leg; Second: cement silo leg is too high, we can cut leg, but easier said than done, it's not so simple, be sure to please the professional cutting processing, otherwise, the leg is not flat, is a security risk. Believe that the above method can help customers to solve the problem of inappropriate cement silo leg, welcome each big user's coming!
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