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Sludge Become Block Good Use of Waste Considerable Benefit
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With the fast development of urbanization, several of sewage treatment plants appeared. And the rate of sewage treatment has greatly improved, but at the same time, lots of sludge also come up, contains a lot of bacteria, microbe, insect eggs, heavy metals and so on, and it’s very hard to deal with traditional methods, such as landfill and incineration disposal, not only take up a lot of arable land, but also can easily lead to secondary pollution. Though the way of using sludge to make block can take full advantage of the sludge generated by sewage treatment plants and change the waste into treasure to protect the environment.
Under the exploration of Quangong Machinery, finally designed the T Series utilization of block production line, which can use the sludge as the raw material matching with the recycled aggregated come from construction waste in a certain ratio to produce hollow block and red block with features like thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, light weight, easy to transport, and can earn large profits when on the market.
The use of sludge into block must do the sludge treatment first. The process of treatment generally is: 1.Concentration-2. Digestion-3. Dewatering-4. Drying. Concentration is for reducing the volume. And to reduce the amount of sludge, prevent environmental pollution and enhance the value, the sludge should go through the digestion process. With the help of microbial metabolism, make the organic matter in the sludge decompos into stable material, get rid of the smell, kill parasite eggs and reduce sludge volume. After the above steps, the sludge was still with more than 90% moisture content. So it also need a further dewatering and drying process, sometimes also need burning to get rid of the water and organic impurities and kill pathogenic microorganisms.
Sludge become block is a new technology and achievement that make good use of waste. It is good to protect the environment, and the economic efficiency is very impressive too. Sludge become block get the purpose of solid waste reduction, environmentally sound, resource disposal. Disposal costs about 80 RMB per ton, compared with the others in the industry which use the technology of dewatering first and burning by the power plant or landfill disposal, can save 80-110 RMB per ton, and can save a lot of financial resources every year. And current national policy and local government strongly encourages full use of sludge, the manufacture can get local financial support range from 80 to 180 RMB every ton by making block with the material sludge.
It can solve a big problem of sludge terminal, reclamation and harmless disposal in the sewage plant. And it also save the landfill space, clay land, coal and achieve the environmental goals of energy conservation.
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