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QT10 From QGM Settles Down in Mozambique Big-scale Block Making Market
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The installation of QT10 block production line from QGM goes well in Mozambique, and it begins to go into operation. Such large-scale automatic equipment like QT10 production line is not commonly seen in Mozambique.
According to the introduction of Mozambique customer, they have visited many block making machine companies in China, but the result was out of satisfaction. Their journey continued until the day they visited QGM in late 2014. During the inspection, this customer learned that there are many QGM block-making machines with high stability and quality in Mozambique. In addition, the QT series block-making machine from QGM has high market share, which can produce high-density block, and also steady in performance. After discussing and comparing to the other machines in China, they decided to buy QT 10 from QGM preliminary. However, there is a long distance between China and Africa, they worried about the supply of spare parts and after sales service. But when our sales representative told them that we can provide spare parts and after service timely for we have spare parts warehouse, agent and technical person in Zambia, which is a neighboring country of Mozambique, they eliminated they worries.
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