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QGM QT10 Block Making Production Line Will be Installed in South Africa Soon
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According to the feedback of South Africa customers, they have received our machine which was sent last month from QGM, and our technician will go for installation recently. They are excited that the machine will go into operation soon.
The company of this customer has 25 years of experience in block making, for now, they have 6 sets of well operated block making machines provide numerous blocks for local constructor and municipal engineering. For the increasing market demand, which makes the demand for blocks exceeds the supply, thus, they decide to invest new machine for expanding production capacity. Around March 2015, this customer sent inquiry, after telephoning and e-mailing for several times with our sales manager, and our sales representative visited this customer during his business trip, at the same time, they came around one of our customers in South Africa to see QGM machine.
After studying, this customer found that QGM have the good reputation of QGM in South Africa, and block produced by QGM block machine has higher strength than South Africa national standard by using the same aggregate and cement. The main reason is that block making machine from QGM adopts Germany frequency conversional technology, which can change frequency and vibration rate according to different blocks to achieve optimal working state.
Due to the production demand and for limited area, the customer bought QT10 block making production line from us. And they are planning to buy another QT10 block making production line after enlarging their land in the future.
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