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Another Lively Advertisement of QGM Quangong in Indian Market
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Few days before, news from India market said that the QT6 production line bought by customer had already finished installation and testing.
This customer first met us in the Canton Fair in 2013, he was very interesting in our machine and had a nice talking with us. Although this customer was satisfied with our quality and service, but because of the rigorous attitude, he wanted when all the relevant matters of the plant are ready and then buy the equipment.
In 2014 Canton Fair, this customer came to our booth again and consulted the sales representatives for detailed information, and came to our headquarters site for a visit. After two years preparing and comparing with other suppliers, this customer finally impressed by our company strength, quality of the block making machine and after-sale service, finally confirm the order of QT6 equipment.
Few days ago, the equipment has completed installation and testing. The customer gives a high praise to the bricks that made by our high quality equipment and cooperate with the finest raw materials provided by the customer. And the smoothly running of the machine also be a lively advertisement of QGM Quangong in the Indian market.
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