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Do you know how to make blocks with waste?
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Zenith 940, a fully automatic mobile multilayer machine is well-known in the world. Universality is its another character. This machine offers the widest scope of production possibilities of all concrete blocks and pavers. What’s more, 940 also has special version designed for the large blocks which can be made of recycled materials. The moulds of 940 is provided by Zenith and the large blocks such as LEGO blockscan be put into mass production automatically. Nowadays, the recycled construction material can be used for producing LEGO blocks.
Zenith 940 not only has mobile style, but also has the fixed style, which can be used for producing LEGO blocks. The size of the single block can be up to 1600*800*500mm which is produced on the pallet which is the same as ordinary concrete blocks needed to be cured and be made according to different output demands.

The Zenith 940 can be used as an universal machine as well as special machine for nonstandard products and for completing single pallet plants to allow production of niche products. With the application of Zenith 940 you will always make the right choice. Concrete cable ducts, manholes, prefabricated elements and even high products up to 1,000 mm used for landscaping design can be manufactured with this machine matching highest quality aspects and allowing very economical production. Segmental units such as pavers with face mix or hollow blocks as well as insulating blocks can be made in multilayer production. The single product layers are protected and separated by a layer of dry sand or, alternatively, a plastic foil.
Only through few steps the construction rubble could be turned into construction concrete products which would become firm wall. Under normal conditions, those walls could be easily removed because they are formed by stacking.
With the invention of Zenith 940 which is used for the production of LEGO blocks, Zenith has widened the scope of products made by block making machines. Zenith 940 can use construction waste and recycled aggregate to produce LEGO blocks. Because LEGO blocks would not be used in traditional construction, the requirement of the concrete material is lower and almost all the construction waste which is not be polluted can be used to produce LEGO blocks.

The use of LEGO blocks
The clear touch screen with Menu Navigation is easy to operate. Production data such as different data of moulds and formulas can be input and save through the touch screen. What’s more, it can use Siemens PLC to transfer Internally.
The large dimensioned columns and guiding bearings , supported by the synchronization of movements via chain and lever shaft, guarantee a safe and precise guiding of mould and tamper head. Digital path measuring via linear encoder is optionally available.

The main movements are driven by hydraulic cylinder
Main movements of the machine ( moving of vibrating table, mould and tamper head lift and moving of feed drawer ) are driven by hydraulic cylinders, developed by Zenith, and are activated via proportional valves. The product can be put down during demoulding with controlled descending speed.
Mould Change
The main tamper head can be equipped with quick mould changing device to change mould quickly. The direction of curbstone crosses the direction of feeding. The mould brush above the feeding box can clean the tamper head.
”Speed & Comfort”
To increase the machine’s capacity, it can be equipped with the optional “Speed & Comfort” package. This package includes controls and hydraulics with higher performance, digital path measuring system for all main movement axes, tamper head quick change device and a back concrete feed drawer with hydraulically operated grate.
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